Join us at the Columbus Farmers Market during the upcoming 2019 season! Farmers’ Markets bring a wealth of benefits to communities, including: access to fresh produce and other farm products, opportunities for local small growers and producers to try new products and expand marketing channels, opportunities for socialization for local residents, additional tax revenue streams for local government, improved awareness of healthy-living goals, the list goes on and on.

Be part of this growing and vital endeavor, either as a vendor or as a shopper who supports local enterprise. If you’ve wondered how to get involved as a vendor, or if you’re an experienced vendor looking to increase your profitability, expand your product offering, or better serve your customers, maybe this workshop is for you!

Farmers’ markets are growing across the state and continue to be an important source of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and other value added agricultural products from small towns to large metropolitan areas. In 2018, 95 farmers’ markets were registered with the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Central Registration of Farmers’ Markets. To support Kansas’ farmer’s markets we are pleased to offer the following workshop:

Saturday, February 2, 9:00 to 3:00 at the Southeast Research & Extension Center, 25092 Ness Rd, Parsons, KS 67367

Farmers’ Market workshop at Parsons flyer

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