Youth bball vs Riverton Jan 19


Riverton at Columbus

Saturday, January 19

Central School – 810 S. High School Street, 66725

$1 admission for everyone except players and coaches

Concession stand provided

We will play two 16-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime

ROUNDTOP GYM                                       SOUTH GYM

4th Grade Boys game 1          9:00           3rd Grade Girls

4th Grade Boys game 2          9:50           4th Grade Girls game 1

6th Grade Boys game 1        10:40           4th Grade Girls game 2

6th Grade Boys game 2        11:30           5th Grade Boys

3rd Grade Boys game 1        12:20           5th/6th Grade Girls game 1

3rd Grade Boys game 2         1:10           5th/6th Grade Girls game 2